The long and winding road

The long and winding road
The Road Ahead ?

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The Stumbling Block

We hope to search for the truth about us humans, and hope to amass enough evidence to prove, that no amount of laws, transparency, disclosure and legislation is sufficient to alter our destructive and corrupted behavior except temporarily. Our love of polarity empowers our self image and activates our 400 million year old reptilian brain! Our reasoning part of the brain, which enabled us to advance and create this material paradise, is of little use in taming our conflict, division and violence.
Witness the death of the "Social Contract", between nations and even next door neighbors," you don't bother me and I won't bother you"!, just doesn't work for reasons we will search out.

The following should convince sceptics, that our overall intelligence, is losing the most important characteristic, that all life forms except man, posess.

Every living creature has a built in need to survive, no matter what the threat to it is, it will do everything in it's power to avoid it's demise. Bacteria will eventually overcome an anti-biotic that once killed it. All living creatures will adapt, change to the best of their abilities when their survival is threatened, even though their cognitive {reasoning}, abilities are meagre compared to mans.

Man with the most complicated and highest functioning cognitive process, seems unable in most cases to avoid putting himself un-necessarily in the line of fire.

All this is due to the control the negative aspects of his psychological self has on his behaviour, cognition, reasoning and actions.

Lets call the interference - the stumbling block - the negative aspects of the "software of the mind", those things that prevent him exercising intelligently and creatively his will to survive.

They include but are not limited to the following.

His desperate need for identity and belonging, which is a double edged sword, when what you identify with or belong to has a destructive or negative narrative...Our need to be right in our own eyes, see Proverbs 21: 2...When we identify with a certain belief (one leaf) and it becomes, for most, something we would defend no matter what the cost...our love of scapegoating others when they do something wrong, but when we do the same we rationalize it...our strongest natural characteristic is mimemis, {imitation} whithout which we couldn't have created culture or even learned language, but imitation is again a double edged sword, depending on who or what we imitate...the tendency for close friends to desire the same object {mimetic desire} and if it cannot be shared we often become rivals, unleashing negative envy, jealousy and often ending in conflict, division and violence, often turning good friends into bitter enemies...our increasingly selfish greed...extreme ambition and competition...those who become extremely narcissistic and egoistic.

Most of the negative aspects of the above lead to conflict, division and violence and are an impediment to survival, which I put under the umbrella of the satanic constellation and which Jesus called scandalon in the Bible.

So it seems our own negative side of human nature our neg. psychology is taking us down the river without a paddle...

This is the basic contradiction that is preventing mankind from doing the right thing, and living in the garden of eden, and experiencing an overall joyous life. It's also preventing us from solving or even dealing with the real problems facing us. It's obvious that society as whole is unadjusted or worst, and unless we realize that we've been wrong about a lot of things, chaos, like violence, can only escalate to extremes.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

                           It's Over it Ain't going any Further

        I'm advising people to buy gold and silver as we are about to suffer a great catastrophe, if you can't afford gold, buy silver bullion at most banks. The next collapse as in 2008 is about to happen, this time there will be no bailout, gold and silver will increase in value ten times over. Silver will climb to at least to 250$ an ounce, gold will climb to 5k an ounce if not further. The evil people on Wall and 
bay street  and those who imitate them, are busy putting away a nest egg. 
        The walking dead portrayed on the series of the same name, are really just people who are starving  and will go after easy prey, fellow humans!
         Nelson Mandela called for a race less society, do you see any sign of one big happy family anywhere?
         Most countries and cultures are firmly in the hands of evil (psychopathic) people, and those who,  to their detriment, try to imitate them.     

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